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I wouldn't buy a reptile just because the table was nice. I like to think that being this far into the hobby, my objectiveness on new purchases is a little higher than whether or not the display was nice. But then again, if I want an animal, I don't usually wait for a show. I email the breeder, email/PayPal the money and get the animal. No nonsense is my style.

But I agree for things like leos, corns, beardies, kings, etc etc, maybe a better display will garner more sales than the next breeder with the same animals. But if you produce quality animals, a clean simple display should let the specimens speak for themselves. That is, if you produce quality. No amount of bells and whistles can hide sub-par, weak, or sick animals from the smart buyer. Unfortunately, a lot of buyers at shows do not fall into that category.

Best of luck vendors. Its a zooo out there. I salute the effort of the guys trying to make a buck at the shows with their animals. Its certainly not easy.

Cheers, JF.
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