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Originally posted by marisa
I must agree about the talking thing. Anyone who knows me (I am looking in Matt_K's direction with this one) knows I am a big mouth. I like to talk.
Oh man, the chick doesn't shut up!!!! LMAO...

As for the show just past.. I picked up only one snake.. A 0.1 BCI from Big Dan...

The show itself seemed a little bit slower then rest, i assume a lot of people were away at the cottages for the weekend as the weather was great.. Aside from that, the show was fun, as it's always good to hang out with old friends that you only see at the shows... Our table did pretty good, not as good as the last show, but im not complaining.. A HUGE thank you to Linds for giving me a hand, i don't know what i would have done without you being there Linds!!!
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