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Money is evil

What a rotten day. I have been adding to my collection and getting some quite nice specimens, when I find out that I need to shift my priorities. I will no longer be able be able to keep all of my snakes, and I'll be lucky if I can at least keep the pair of JCP.

I have very mixed feelings as I know that the snakes are in no way attached to me, yet I will miss them dearly. Has anyone else had to cut back on their collections greatly? How did you deal with it?

Anyways, the albino production that I just began to invest in will now have to be up for grabs, as well as my BRB pair that I was looking forward to breeding this season. Sometimes you just can't win.

If anyone knows of someone who could provide a good home to any of my animals, please pm or email me ASAP. Thanks for any kind words or support, and have a good day,
Brent Strande
Brent Strande

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