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Well I have to say that the show was a bit slower than the spring show. Everyone must have been at the cottage. But I still think it was a great show.

I think that the T.O. show is really coming along. Grant (Reptile Central) has been working hard to make the show more interesting, not just a ĎReptile saleĒ but a show. The guest speakers and lectures are a great idea. The new location is fantastic! It wont be long until we need more room. But we still need an ATM!!

Also I have felt a little off sometimes when dealing with some of the reptile people in Canada. Like they donít have time to talk to me. I like to treat people the way I would like to be treated. I think more people out there should adopt that attitude. On a positive note, I sold a hypomelanistic dragon to a cutie couple that must have been in there 70ís. They were just awesome! They have all kinds of reptiles at home and they were even expecting baby frilled dragons! That made my day.

I have been to quite a few U.S. shows now and itís a different ball game down there. You just donít see venders selling reptiles out of cardboard boxes as Iíve seen in Canada. I attended the National Breeders Conference in Philadelphia last Oct and I believe the attendance was over 5000. There was another show in Chicago and the attendance I heard was close to 10000 (correct me if Iím wrong please). The displays were amazing. The Timberline booth even had itís own flooring. But at least 50% of the vendors at that show were professional breeders. I donít really know how many professional breeders there are in Canada but you donít need to be a professional breeder to have an appealing display. A tablecloth does wonders!

I have received a lot of positive feedback regarding my show setup. I was really impressed by many of the U.S breeders when I was down there and I thought why couldnít Canadians step up and spouse up our showsÖ
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