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Originally posted by Ixidor
I totally agree with you cruciform, they only ban exotics because a they see them as threat, well I consider a pitbull to be a threat and won't even go near them, yet they're not banned
*** "Pitbulls," which actually encompass several breeds are banned in several cities. While I realize that many people are afraid of these dogs, I'd just like to say a few things.
First and foremost... for every news report of a "vicious" pitbull/rottweiller/whatever, there are thousands more dogs that are NEVER mentioned who are excellent ambassadors of their respective breeds.
Pitbulls, when bred by "professional" breeders who take each animals genetics and temperaments into account, are an excellent family dog when raised properly. In fact, the Pitbull terrier was actually considered "America's favorite dog" and was used in many advertising campaigns, including Buster Brown (Yes, that cute little puppy in the ads is actually a pitbull!), the Victrola dog (rememer "His Master's Voice" dog? Yep... another pitbull), the Little Rascals dog -- Petey, and the list goes on.
For those of you who are interested, here is a website listing some more well known pitbulls:
As for their reputation for being "aggressive".... I want to point out that ANIMAL aggression and PEOPLE aggression are COMPLETELY different! The pitbull is naturally animal aggressive, though this can vary from dog to dog (just like with humans, every dog has it's own personality.) Pitbulls were bred to be extremely people friendly, but a badly bred dog (for example a backyard breeder who puts a male and female together without thought as to what he is doing) will likely be more aggressive than one that was bred by a reputable breeder.
Socialization and training are also key factors into a particular dog's temperament. A dog that has been left tied up or kenneled outside with very little human interaction and no training is a time bomb waiting to go off, regardless of the breed. ALL dogs NEED proper socialization and training when it is young to produce a well-mannered well-socialized adult that is a joy to own.
I have two rottweilers and a 3 year old daughter. My dogs have been trained and socialized from day one. I got my youngest rottie from a good local breeder and was showing her until she was hit by a car and was unable to be shown any further. My dogs are excellent around my various animals, including my rodents and my rabbits. They have NEVER bitten anyone and love everyone who comes to visit.
Anyways... take care
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