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Personally, I don't think anyone is an expert here. There are those who have learned more than others, whether it be through education, personal experience, or simple trial and error, but because everyone will always have more things to learn and will discover more about their collections I don't think any of us fall under the term "expert".

I would be more willing to take the advice of someone who has learned by trial and error or from those who have dealt with specific species rather than those who "dabble" here and there simply because dedicate work often yields more accurate results. However, I have seen several "newby's" with an amazing ability to apply the foundation of general knowledge to something only to discover something new about a species just because they are still in the "awe" phase (checking their animals every 5 minutes) of keeping reptiles and somehow manage to witness what others may overlook.

I wouldn't consider anyone who claims to be an expert as cocky or arrogant. Confidence in ones self and the abilty to feel comfortable with such a title is applaudable not deplorable. There just might be a few members here who could get away with it and would be labelled as such by others. I can't name any, but I'm only one member of 5500.

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