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I prefer using the term "Experienced" as opposed to "Expert." I am by NO means an "expert" rodent breeder, but I do consider myself "experienced." I have been breeding various rodents for about 30 years and have encountered a variety of different problems and such. But I still spend time online every night learning new things... how to care for them better... nutritional information... environment information... ect. I will never consider myself an "expert." There is always new information available. There is always new research being done.
I think this is the same for every animal... whether it is a dog, bird, or snake. While there is a wealth of information online about dogs and cats, reptiles are still relatively "new" and unique. I have several snakes, and spend time every night trying to find more information about them, so I can try to give them the best care I possibly can.
While there are several people I highly respect and trust as "professional" herpers, I don't consider anyone "experts." The few people I have talked with and respect love this hobby and share my love for research.
Well... that's my less than worthy and humble opinion... LOL!
Take care
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