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it seemed to be less people there this time. Maybe its just me. I was asking questions about there reptiles and all the guy did was give me a dirty look and answered my question and looked away, maybe he thought i didnt have money. But i agree; vendors have to make eye contact and have a good laugh or two with the customers, this will make you and the customer have a better day, i wouldnt mind if i didnt sell one thing as long as i kno that i had a good time and so did the customers. My bet is the vendor that had the most fun and long chats had the best business thats just my opinion, i have not been being the table, but if i had a chance i would give it a try, maybe then i would say something different about vendors.

Prices are a problem these days, customers just finds the lowest prices and i could understand. I think the only reason why jacksons(chameleon) are cheaper is cause of the amount in the states, in canada its kinda hard to find. Thats probly why they cost a lot. But Panther chameleons up there cost a lot more then it is down here. Odd...

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