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o.k, everyone here has probly broken the law, purposly or accidenty, marisa you have a good point it is the law. Now there charging steve irwin cause he was close with whales. What about people who kill tigers for there skin, what about the people who kill rhinos for there horn, and elephants. They are trying the best to stop these people but it still happens....out of everyone who hurts wildlife steve irwin was charged for coming clsoe to the whales cause of curosity

Also for the seals and penguins, people have them as pets, the other day they had a story about a man who had a seal, and this was on the animal mircles(sp)

"In fact, we filmed them, they're coming up to me while I'm on the iceberg, they're swimming all the way around me and I was freezing to death."

Irwin said that after he returned to the boat, the whales stayed with it for more than two hours.

Now the whales came up to him, and it was all an accident. He did not mean to meet up with these whales. If theres a video we could have seen maybe it would make more sense as to what happened.

My point is that i dont think he should be charged but just a warning, there going a bit far

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