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people can be ignorant when it comes to exotics but i believe those people that set these laws should have an understanding of what they are banning. I used to work at a petstore and we wer not allowed to sell any snake under boids. that ment no kenyans and no balls and yet we could sell tiawan beauties and such. also... we wer not allowed to sell dart frogs even though they loose all toxicity in captivity. maybe if the laws were scientifically accurate and reasonable i would have a better time accepting them. the problem is these people dont want to deal with the research and they just set these dumbass laws.

my 2 cents

Arboreal Snakes of the Amazon'

Breeding Next Year
1.1 Spilotes pullatus
1.1 Corallus hortulanus

looking into amazon bird eating snakes too!!!!!

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