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The problem is exactly that Soul Reaper. These animals are under protection laws to keep us AWAY from them so they can engage in normal behaviours without MORE human influence. Laws against getting close to wildlife are not strange. They are commonplace in areas with protected wildlife or fragile ecosystems like Antartica.

When someone goes and "slides down hills" with penguins, touches dangerous seals and interacts with whales there you disrupt everything the laws are trying to keep intact. Not to mention there are legitamite researches out there painstakingly building blinds, spending weeks if not years observing these animals in their natural form.

I wasn't against Steves baby feeding croc thing. But this I feel should be treated like anyone else. If I went out to Antartica and started messing around intentionally with wildlife, this would be one of my last posts as I would have to face the penalty. If he broke a law, he will have to face up to it. Or else, why have laws?

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