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I was not at the show as I am in Alberta but I just wanted to make a few comments.

I don't want to "toot" my own horn but I would just like to say that after being to the five shows out here in Alberta last year I did learn a lot about what is lacking and have tried to incorporate more into what I have at my table.

I offer my own care sheets for free for anyone who wants them, at each and every show. I have care sheets on reptiles that I no longer have but I would rather have them there with me for those looking into them then to not have them at all. I have also started taking simple enclosure set-ups with me for selling as I experienced the "I don't have anything set-up what will I need to buy at the pet store?". I'm sorry but pet stores charge far too much and will sell you tonnes of stuff that is not needed or even harmful to the reptile you are getting.

I sell my set-ups for $50 COMPLETE so that anyone making a last minute desicion to buy will have everything they need. No it is not the most "eye pleasing" set-up but it works 100% and a leo can be kept in it from baby all the way through it's entire life.

I LOVE talking to people, even if not about reptiles, so anyone walking by gets eye contact and either a good morning or a good afternoon offered out to them. I do what I can to provide the most information possible to ensure that any animal I sell will get the best chance at a healthy long captive life. Although I have moved into a higher priced morph I still try to keep my prices low enough so people who appreciate the work of those morphs are still able to afford them.

I can't let them go for free, I put far too much time and energy into aquiring my high end breeders and into my high quality offspring to sell them off as $30 disposable pets. I really wish that word did not exist in the pet trade and I feel no captive animal is disposable, free or for thousands of dollars, they are all just as worthy of a healthy, properly set-up enclosure and happy life.

Sorry, I'll get off the soap box now, but I had to express my feelings. I have business cards at my table with all my site/email info on it. No cards to pass out means no after show sales, no matter when the sale comes in. I put out signs for any special offers, as well as a sign stating what all comes in my complete set-ups, can't have it there without people knowing why it is there.

I completely understand about vendors not being "up-beat" when at a show. When I first started going as a buyer I did not want to deal with people that did not want to even say "Hi" or ask how I was doing. It makes all the difference in the world and I love meeting new reptile people, new or old, to the reptile world.

By the way, I can't wait to meet some more new people at the Fraser Valley show that is only 2.5 weeks away!! It will be my first "out of Province" show and I am looking forward to it to say the least.

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