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I wasn't at this one, but definately will be at the Sept one, along with some of my dragon babies

But the reason I make the 3hr drive, to socialize with other like-minded herpers, to learn from some of the more experienced people, to talk.

I will usually scan the vendors a few times, hang around and watch how they interact with others, see if they acknowledge me, etc. I will go wanting to buy something...but.....if you are a BUTT, I will walk away. I ask questions, some people cannot be bothered with them, those people I cannot bother to give my $ to.

Whoever said it, about it being a trip to the zoo.....I think that holds some truth. I love looking at the diffrent animals, colors, specimens, etc.

But anyways, it looks like I didn't miss too much at this show.

Hopefully the Sept. show will be great.
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