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"I think that if you buy at a show, it should be an animal that you are ALREADY planning on getting, but would either rather not pay shipping, or else see in person and choose the best looking from a variety! Even though my first snake was definitely an impulse buy, I would now never even consider bringing a snake home w/o the proper caging already setup, much less no research or idea of its care requirements!!!"

I couldn't agree more! Last show I went to I had it in my mind that I would be coming home with a young pair of ATB's or nothing. I had the enclosures all set up and ready to go. When I went to the Totally Pets Show in September, I knew I would be getting a snake, didn't know what type, but I was generally aiming at terrestrial, so I had a large enclosure AND a small enclosure ready depending on what I purchased.

If I honestly went and impulse purchased something, I'd call up my house and tell one of the members of the household to get an enclosure ready with (enter requirements here).

All of you are making such awesome arguments. Especially about how sellers need to know HOW to SELL! I would definately give props to The Reptile Store, I think that's their name, every expo I've been to they've been amazingly friendly, they were willing to talk about prices, they let me hold the animals, it was superb. Of course port credit are always friendly as most of us know the people working the table personally. But i've alsp seen the other type of vendor, that sit there with a sour look on their faces, the only reason they tlk to me is because I'm a big mouth and will just start talking to them.

Just my $0.02, which has already been said on here anyways hahaha

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