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Well, my favourites are boids and monitor lizards.

Among species I have personally kept:
Favourite snake: Black (Olive?) African House Snake. They don't seem to be very popular, but they're hardy, great eaters, and great breeders. Nothing beats solid black with shimmering blue irridescence in my book. I know it's not a boid, but it has the same catlike pupils and looks somewhat like a slenderer version of one. If anyone knows anyone who breeds or sell any, please leave me a message by the way ;P

Favourite lizard: Savannah monitor.

Out of species I've never kept but want to get most:
Snake: Green Tree Python (with bluish hues)
Lizard: Yellow ackies
1.0 Pastel Ball Python, 1.9 Normal Ball Pythons, 0.1 African House Snake, 1.0 Savannah Monitor, 0.0.1 Argentinian Horned Frog
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