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I think, in reference to shows, selling to uneducated noobs is the seller's responsibility, not the uneducated noob buyer's responsibility. When you get an e-mail, you can spend a week or two telling the buyer how they should have their cage set up and give them links to care sheets, but at the show I think it is the seller's responsibility to have more than enough care sheets for every species being sold, as well as maybe a one page list of common problems such as MBD and mouthrot and belly burns etc. Pictures of ideal habitats would also be good, but I'm sure not many people would want to waste the ink on printing hundreds of pictures off, so I would suggest having a 'catalog' of habitats and environments, you could do more that way by including pictures of their natural wild environment with labels as to where that environment is in the world, as well as pictures of proper captive setups.

In my opinion, the seller should take all measures possible as simply as they can to ensure the survival of their animals. Make sure that you have given the seller a caresheet and time to review it BEFORE selling them your animals, not including one with the receipt.

Along with a caresheet should be a list of things the buyer will need to set up a proper habitat, like a 20g tank, heating pad, flourescent light etc, as well as a list of prices of these items and where you can buy them.

My first purchase, a veiled chameleon, was an impulse buy, the seller gave me no care information, I thought it would be as easy as looking after anoles. She got MBD. I think it could have been easily avoided if I just got a caresheet or even a list of websites to go check out, such as this wonderful one we call
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