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I think that if you buy at a show, it should be an animal that you are ALREADY planning on getting, but would either rather not pay shipping, or else see in person and choose the best looking from a variety! Even though my first snake was definitely an impulse buy, I would now never even consider bringing a snake home w/o the proper caging already setup, much less no research or idea of its care requirements!!!
Totally man. At last year's big show in Alberta, I had 19 animals pre-sold and I can GUARANTEE you those people had the set-ups all ready and good-to-go before the met me at the show. I made SURE of it. I was waaaaay happier and more content with those sales than with the others at the show. However, it must also be pointed out that when selling babies to other breeders, MOST will be able to simply insert them into THEIR OWN baby racks after proper quarantine methods. I mean, if I go to a show and buy 15 baby Ball Python morphs, do you think I have to set up all the cages and read and learn about Ball Pythons? Ha ha, not likely. More like they go in the quarantine rack when I get home, just like all the other show animals. Its not like EVERY sale is to a newbie. Maybe with Leos and Beardies and other $30 animals, but a lot of sales are also things like albino boas, pied Ball Pythons, etc etc to OTHER breeders who know what they are doing and are all set up and ready to go.
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