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Originally posted by spidergecko
But I will say this: if I stop at your table and I'm the only one there, say hi or make eye contact or something. Some vendors ignored me and sat twiddling their thumbs. This was at about 9:30 so I know they couldn't have been too tired or bored. Anyway, it made me feel uncomfortable so I just moved along.
It's almost funny how bad some breeders are at selling/marketing their reptiles at the shows. They are reptile breeders, not used car salespeople but still, look at other breeders displays, find out what you like and/or don't like about them and try to improve on it. It's not that hard! lol

The eye contact thing is just obvious though... it's amazing how far you can get just by talking to a passer-by... not trying to "hock" your reptiles like a carnie... just chat with them. You both love reptiles... chat about them. Then rope 'em in! Sales 101... lol
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