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In the words of a buyer.....

I went to my first show in Red Deer last August, I'm pretty sure Jeff was there. I would have to agree with every point Spidergecko made. When I was there, only two people took the time to make eye contact, get up out of their chair and try to SELL their animals. Those two people were the only two people I bought from. I can vouch for spidergecko's comment on the sellers twidling their thumbs. Lots of them just looked ticked off and I didn't want to say 'Hey, could I take a look at this?' Your mood will set the mood of the buyer, even if you have to fake it. Business is business.

You've got to want to SELL SELL SELL your product or animal. And if all you have are leopard geckos and cresteds, you better be willing to compete with the other merchants at the shows and be able to keep the buyer interested.

Another thing is pricing, I thought pricing was supposed to be good at shows? Man, I was disappointed, it was just like retail pricing. There were only a few good deals like 2 for 1, or 50% off, or getting something free like a dust or cup of feeders or a choice of what you want with the purchase of a live animal. And if you have a deal, make sure to let us know, make a big red sign saying **50% OFF TODAY ONLY** or SOMETHING, lots of people didn't have any advertising, just a table and some cages. The best deal I saw at the show I was at (and I bought because of it) were two blizzard leos for $100. Now that's a pretty damn good deal if you ask me.

Another thing I noticed was the selection. Cheers to those that are adventerous in the herping realm.

Positive things...hmmm. There was an obvious aura of euphoria with people happy buying things, but I can't say much for the majority of the sellers. I would just say be a little more positive and welcoming, if you're excited, I'm excited, and as far as pricing goes....Jeff, I'd say that's why the US has us beat. You can get a jackson's chameleon down there for 40$...up here it's 150$ at the least.

That's my two cents,
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