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Favourite is without question my veiled chameleons. They aren't the best 'pet' lizard, but they definately take the cake in interestingnessness.... With the eyes, the feet, the tails, colours, tongue, variations in species and habitat requirements. I love everything from the cage setup you need for them to how they pretend their a leaf. Amazing animals.

Best pet lizard though has to be leopard geckos, just because of their behaviour and that you can house them in colonies. Interesting little gaffers.

1.1 Veiled Chameleons : 1.1 Crested Gecko : 0.1 Pictus Geckos (looking to trade or sell $25) : 1.0 normal leopard gecko - 0.1 tang 100% het bliz leo - 0.2 bliz leos (All leopards for sale/trade) : 1.0 Leucisitc Texas Ratsnake (Looking to trade for Crestie or pygmy chams)
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