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cleaning and humidity

hi just a few questions. firstly substrates. i have a queensland coastal carpet (as i live in queensland) and it is about 2 foot long. i have just built a new cage (photos soon) and i have placed various sizes of bark chips on the floor. they are untreated to avoid noxious chemicals. what i am enquiring about is how often do i need to completely dismantle the cage and give it a thorough cleaning as so far i have just been spot cleaning. he has been in the cage about 2 weeks now. the cage is plywood and is 5 foot high x 4 foot wide x 2 foot deep. it is sealed with acrylic paint. what are some alternatives to keeping the humidity levels in the cage constant. at the moment it varies from 42 % to 61% . looking for a more automated system rather than just misting everyday. thanks 4 any replies.rod.
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