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Tony, don't give up on Portugal just yet. I am almost confident they are going to advance, and I am an Italian! LOL! Fact is, they came out slacking - it is their country, and thus there are certain expectations brought upon them. When they are down 1-0, even worse at 2-0, it is a mess of frustration and nothing gets done. Nonetheless, they know they will have to step it up a notch - I seriously think that game should have been Portugals. First off, the penalty kick was ridiculous, he was running behind him and their feet got tangled. Second, had Portugal not centralized their attack to the middle of the keeper, there were numerous perfectly executed crosses which time after time when unused, as there was nobody to the right of the goalie. Anyhow, I think they now see how concentrated they must be, and will take a win from Spain.

Now for tomorrow's game - Italy and Denmark, I am pretty confident in that outcome. Then again, from the way things have started, you never know...
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