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not fair....

I can't choose just lemme break it down this way...

Favorite snake: Amazon Tree Boa. So many colours, so much attitude, amazing speed and just plain jaw dropping to watch cruising in the branches at night. This snake always demands my full attention when working with it and I enjoy the challenge.

Favorite lizard: Crested Gecko. Alot of personality, and cute as hell.

Favorite amphibian: Phyllomedusa sp. (bicolor, hypochondrialis or savaugei). These frogs are just out of this world. My room is filled with their nightly calls. You know your a herp nerd when your awaken at 3 a.m. by a chorus of monkey frogs and you roll out of bed to watch them and offer them more food

Favorite invertebrate: I enjoy watching all my T's, but it's always a hoot feeding my A. geniculata sling, it's an eight legged feeding frenzy and it's always ready for more

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