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I never posted this to start a agree/disagree thing about stray cats. I mainly posted it to vent how upset I was about a beloved cat being harmed my someone. And also how my 5 year old nephew was crying himself to sleep because his cat was gone and might not come back. I understand why some people hate "free roaming" cats. But I find it very insulting and rude to blame my sister. I believe that everyone has their own ideas but you wouldn't respond to a thread where someones lizard died because it escaped "oh well you knew it would die sometime besides you didn't look after it right anyway because it got out. It's your fault for not having a proper lock on the cage". And some of you have done that here. Maybe not qiute as mean but still mean just the same. If you wanted to start a debate about stray cats you should have done it in another thread.
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