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OK here is mine.

1. Ball Pythons all morphs but have to get a Pied some day!
2. Blood Pythons, love those matrix and ivories!
3. GTP's
4. Boas, Favs are surinam red tails or hog islands though, they have to have a really defined pattern, don't like the bleeding together of colors. Although the pastels like Niel has is awsome too. Gotta have a definate head on them not like rosy boas. No overgrown worms in my collection!! LOL.
5. Water Monitors, illegal here but such beautiful fascinating creatures!
6. Dogs, I love big dogs rotties and huskies in particular, DH has issues with large dogs though, and wants a chinese pug, I'm not fond of little dogs (wannabe dogs LOL).
7. Cats, I love ours but when she is gone we wont' get another one, I hate litter boxes and hairballs.
8. Rabbits, I love them and they are great feed for the bloods, I also eat rabbit, so they are a multipurpose pet. The originals are pets their offspring are food.
9. Horses, honestly my all time favorite animals and we are looking at getting 40 acres so I can have them!
10. Ferrets, so playful who can resist them, love the what's wrong with your cat question when you take them for walks!! LOL
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