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I think this has a been a very interesting convo, first off happy to hear your sisters cat made a full recovery. At first i was mad that people would actually consider dealing with a problem cat but after reading on I understand what it must be like having to deal with the smell and constant invasion of cats. I personally love them as i have two of my own but do agree that cats should be kept in at all costs because not only do they destroy native wildlife but they can cost people alot of money. I also agree that it should be the owner that is delt with rather than the cat itself. Now if its a stray i think it should be brought into a shelter where it can either be adopted or humanly put down. There should deffently be more strict laws such as your cat gets then you get fined and if it happens more than three times( because everyone makes simple mistakes) the animal should be put down at the owner exspense and should not be allowed animals in the future, as the owner obviously isn;t going to keep there cat indoors. It dosen;t seem fair that when a cat runs lose or goes into someones house their hobby is bearly shaken but when snakes or lizards get out our hobby is put in alot of danger .It makes me very mad up at my cottage where people let there cats roam and then while were out herping we find them tearring up milk snakes and garters. The saddiest thing i ever saw was a 4-5 foot long northern water snake hanging out of my next door neighbors( up at my cottage) cat's mouth.
Just my thoughts
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