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Good question... How long IS an appropriate length of time to "guarantee" an animal?
Personally, I don't breed reptiles, so I really can't comment from a "seller's" point of view, but having bought a number of reptiles, I will respond from a "buyers" point of view.
I have rarely had any problems with any of the reptiles I bought, as I prefer to buy the animals in person. I think a 48 hour guarantee on animals, or a certificate of health from a qualified and experienced reptile vet, is more than reasonable. Ok... obviously for the "low end" reptiles, a vet certificate is not something that is financially reasonable. But for the more expensive morphs and exotics, I think it might help set the buyer's mind at ease.
I think that a large number of problems that happen when a person buys a reptile, are the result of a lack of knowledge on the animal. Many of these problems can be "fixed" with the seller making sure the buyer has some basic knowledge of how to care for the animal he is buying. I am a firm believer in care sheets and think that every animal sold should come with at least a "basic" care sheet and some details on what the animal is currently feeding on and how often it eats. As well as a description of a good basic cage setup with temperature and humidity details.
For those animals that DO become sick or die within a SHORT period of time after being bought, I think, depending on the conditions the animal was being kept in at the buyers, the seller should compensate the buyer. If an animal dies within hours of being sold, and has no "injuries," there is a good chance it is not the buyer's fault. Obviously a necropsy would be needed to determine the cause of death.
Anyways... I'll stop rambling on now...
Take care
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