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Wow, was not 100% sure if the hobby was into this idea and had to ask. Soon I will attend the June meeting and get a better feel from all the members to move this idea into reality. I expect there is alot of work to organize this show. And with the help from you all and our supporting provincial friends this can make things easier.


Yes getting you and Sheila and Vern and many more large boid displays would make the show a real eye catcher. I still need to find out all the information to display these critters in the city and think Vern might know all about that.


It' s reptile related I don' t think Vern would miss a chance to be around reptile people.


If there are any others that are located outside of Manitoba that might be interested in making this show a reality, please say so here on this post or email me.


I have been to some great shows in Calgary and Red Deer and hear good things about Ontario shows as well. My main focus on a Manitoban show is to create a show where people can meet contacts they know from past dealings over the phone, internet and so on. Also to see and display gorgeous animals and teach the public that where they may be some bad press on reptiles, it is not the case with true responsible hobbiests who put there animals care as there main focus.

I still need to find out all the requirements on making the show a vender type where people can set up a table and responsibly sell or trade 100% healthy and perfect animals, and keep it a legal manner by restricting sales of restricted animals in the city and province - this means "sorry Joe Blow you can' t get your albino cobras in the parking lot or perimeter of the city"

I figure we create a honest and respectful show in Manitoban will show the authorities, that people are responsibly and even that there may be bad apples does not mean the basket went bad as well.

Well I am rambling on and I still have not had my coffee this morning, so cya all.


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