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Question how do you feel about this?

i was discussing this with someone else the other day and we both had very different views on the subject.

ok when you sell an animal to someone how long do you guarentee it?

i feel if you are hand picking and are right there and there is no shipping involved then when the buyer takes it home and has it in his care i can not be responsible for it as i have no idea of how they are gonna keep it.

if shipping an animal im not sure as ive never shipped but if they are happy and have no complaints within the first 48 hours then i think its fair, if they call or contact within the first 48 hours with concerns then yes i would be open to extending for the reason that they are concerned.

what are your opininons on this i know there is no right and wrong answer to this but if there are valid points made then i might just addopt some new ways too if you open my eyes

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