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How to Ship Reptiles - Great step-by-step w/pics

After seeing pictures of totally the WRONG way to go about shipping snakes, as well as the frustration of wanting to buy various snakes from various classifieds only to see "pick up only" or "will not ship", I decided to try and find a good how-to guide for those who are apprehensive to shipping - it's NOT all that difficult, and by limiting yourself to local sales, you may end up slashing your prices drastically just to move your reptiles, when in actuality, someone else on the other side of the country may want it, AND have cash ready for you!

So enough babble, here's the article:

The only thing I disagree with in his article (and if you ship WestJet, they will not allow you to ship without) is air holes. Air holes are a MUST.

Anyway, enjoy this article! I'm going to have a shipping FAQ on my own website when I put it up, but this one is hopefully not going anywhere any time soon.
- Ken LePage
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