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I agree with many of the posters here. While I do love animals, and have a cat myself, after having spent MANY years in a ground-level apartment with lots of unneutered male cats spraying EVERYWHERE, I have grown to really dislike uncontrolled cats. While they can be loving and affectionate to their owners, they are also a nuisance to others if left outside and uncontained! I had to pay to fence off my "garden" and in the end completely screened off the entire patio because of the cat problems! I had one couch that was sprayed several times and I finally had to replace it because the stench simply would NOT come out. I can't count the number of times that I would go outside to work in my garden and find cat feces everywhere!
Confronting the cat's owners was useless as they refused to accept the responsibility for their animals. When I started to trap the cats and send them to the SPCA, I was actually threatened and my place was trashed. While I hated the constant problems the cats were causing, I was not about to harm the animals themselves, they were not to blame for their actions, their owners were.
I'm thankful that I'm living in the country on a big farm now. While there is still one male cat that is a "pest," it is nothing like having over a dozen male cats all coming onto my patio and spraying everything constantly.
Oh... and one last comment... I DID have a screen door on my patio door, but one of the cats managed to rip a hole in it and it was trashed within a week.
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