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ok here it goes, these are in no particular order of preference, I love every animal I see, but being a university student limits the size of collection I can keep
1. crested geckos, I have 4 already, and no heat no light thing is great as long as your house is warm enough and there is natural ambient light
2. gargoyle gecko, i have 1 of these, love the blue, veiny eyes, same care as cresteds, just less social
3. cat, cause they are so curious, getting a kitten tomorrow
4. Bearded Dragon, great pets, have a pair
5. Amazon tree boa, love that curled-around-a-branch pose, although I have no snake exp, and probably never will
6. yellow lab or german sheperd (dogs), grew up with labs, but old age took the last one my parents had a couple of years ago. such great companions
7. oh man, this is getting hard now..... umm, some colourful fish in a BIG saltwater tank with choral and anemonies
8. sugar gliders, just because they are interesting
9. rhacodactylus leacianus (dont know the common name, figure that one out) same genus as cresteds and gargoyle geckos, but over a foot long
10. poison dart frogs, just for the colour, and to watch non-herpers faces when I tell them I keep poison dart frogs.
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