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Originally posted by spidergecko
I'll have to remember to tell the kids to never go in your backyard. I guess gone are the days when a little kid could retrieve his lost fisbee or ball without worrying he might die in the neighbours yard
Let's just say I have a bucket of some corrosive chemicals left out, for specialized cleaning purposes or whatnot. If a small child were to come onto my property, dip their hands in the bucket, and suffer chemical burns, should I be reponsible for having left the chemicals out or should the parents of the child be reponsible for not keeping an eye on him?

If it were kids next door to me who lose their ball or frisbee in my backyard, they should be familiar enough with me to know what I may have going on in my backyard, and know whether or not I would find it acceptable for them to be in my yard. If they don't have that level of familiarity, they should be ringing on my doorbell to ask my permission.

I'm not supporting people leaving out poison for cats; for someone to do so purposely would be egregious. All I'm saying is one should be allowed to have whatever they want in their backyard. This would include poison/traps for cats. It would be ethically wrong, but it would be within the property owner's freedoms to do so. If something goes wrong because of someone or something trespassing, the trespasser's parent/owner should be the one at fault, not the person exercising their freedom to use their backyard for whatever purposes they see fit.
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