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Hmmm... tough question! I love all kinds of animals!

1. All species of uromastyx! Just fantastic animals. Herbivors!
2. Angolan python... rare and beautiful, not to big, unique bumpy scales.
3. Woma python... again, not too common, and beautiful!
4. Parrotlets... big parrot personality in a small package.
5. Tortoises... SO intelligent!!!
6. Cornish Rex (cat)... the sweetest, most personable type of cats there are!
7. Greyhound... I'd adopt one of these beautiful creatures!
8. Bearded Dragon... not a uro, but one great lizard.
9. Tiger Salamander... absolutely cool little amphibians, very sweet.
10. Roccoco Toads... these are huge, pretty toads, very cool!
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