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1. Cats, I just love them, they are cute, and as long as you are feeding them what they want, they will love you forever.
2. Snakes, so much easier than most pets, that have to be fed daily
3. Lizards, they are interesting to watch, but have to be fed more than snakes, and lots need light
4. Black jaguars/ black leopards, they are so pretty!
5. clouded leopard, so pretty and, I think they are rare?
6. Gerbils I think it would be really cool to get a REALLY big cage, and put lots of gerbils in it, I miss my gerbils
7. Rats, I keep seeing rats everywhere (pet rats) I would love one, but it would have to live in my room... wiht the snakes
8. Dwarf rabbits, they seem calmer than bigger rabbits, but rabbits are really cute anyway!!
9. Dogs, I like them, I just don't think they like me!
10. A ring tailed lemur! I love them, I just don't think they would live in my house so well without messing everything up
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