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1. A dragon, that would be sooo cool, i would get on his back every morning and fly to school! yay!

2.Griffin, id cuddle up with him at night and go to sleep, and get him to lay me golden eggs so i can be rich(also ride him to school ((in case dragon is tierd))

3. A shire horse, cuz they are just too cool.

4. A BIG dog like a great dane, or a dobermen, or a rockwiler.

5. A parrot, so it could steal things for me, like when people take out money from the cash point, YOINK! .... then again already have the golden eggs...

6. I would have reptiles, but id go and visit them in the amazon( id get my dragon to fl me there)

7. I giant turtul to take me to un-known islands around the world.

9. Andddddddd im done, but if i wanted anything else id just get my parrot to steal it.....
1.1 ball pythons, 1.1 anmel corns, 1.0. collard lizards, 1.1 pastle B.C.I's . 4 tropical fishes
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