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#1 Dogs (love em! I've had dogs in my life since I was 8 and begged my Mom to let me keep one, I don't know if I could be without a dog)

#2 Reptiles (tried going without them for a while, but I missed them too bad)

#3 Horses (I have always wanted one, never had a place to keep one. If I get a chance to be around them I am a very happy person!)

#4 Parrots ( Very interactive and social, used to raise and handfeed several different kinds but it got overwhelming. I miss them)

#5 Rats ( Odd for a reptile person but I love them. We always seem to have a pet rat, makes it hard to feed off the others)

#6 Cats ( would probably have one now if it wasn't for the dog (and BF) not liking them)

# 7 Fish ( It's so relaxing to watch them)

#8 Ferrets (never had one but I would like to, they seem so playful)

#9 Tarantulas ( We have quite a few, they really belong to my BF. I'm starting to get kind of fond of them )

#10 Turtles or Tortoises ( don't have any, but would like to give them a try)

I guess there isn't a lot of animals I don't like
1.4 Ball Pythons,1.1 Greybanded Kings,1.1 Cal Kings,1.1 Brooksi, 0.1 Goini,2.1 Striped Motley Corns, 1.1 Normal Corns, 1.0 Ghost Motley Corn,0.2 Anery Corns, 0.1 Emoryi x Corn, 2.1 Western Hognose,1.1 Leucistic Texas Rats, 1.1 Mexican Black Kings
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