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M surinamensis, I actually agree with you on alot of basis.

Cats were introduced and are a threat to all natural wildlife. They should be dealt with accordingly. But alot of people also think it's fine to "rescue" wild cats, neuter/spay them, then release them again! Or that if they put food down for the cat that it will just eat there and not hurt any of the "little birdies or squirles".

Though I also agree it's not entirely the cats fault, it is only doing what is necessary to survive.

Though it is NOT TO HARD to keep pet cats contained.
We have a pet cat that all it's life has been confine to ONE room (our room usually) and she starts to walk into the hall way all we have to do is yell at her, and she comes scrambling back into the room. This has only happened ONCE in close to 3 years.

Why is it so hard to keep a cat contained, but not a snake?

I am glad that your cat is getting better, and If someone is poisining the neighborhood cats I hope you find out who it is.
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