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Ok, if I had the time, money, and space!

1.) All kinds of snakes, from anacondas (yes, I think they are georgeous) to the smallest snake in the world (excluding hots!)

2.) Horses, any and all kinds, though my faves have to be buckskins/paints/and clydsdales (sp?)

3.) Dogs, from great danes to chihuahuas lol

4.) I love the big cats (No, not tigers and such) but maine coons, and norweign forest cats.

5.) Would love to get into medium/small parrots, but more of a rescue than go out and buy from a breeder/petstore.

6.) Sulcatta tort! I just love them, don't know why. I know they get big enough to take out the foundation of your house, but like I said, only if I had the time money and space!

7.) Don't know if it's a pet or not, but my very own vet! lol, someone that I can call on at 3 am if something don't seem right with one of my animals! And has skills/training for all my pets needs. lol

8.) And I know it is typical (maybe?) But one of the smaller croc/alligator species (never done research so not sure on what that is)

9.) Ferrets, I love them, they are like furry, snakes with legs. lol

10.) A large pond with lots of Koi fish, res, and maybe the occasional alligator snapper (they look SO weird!)

and I would also like for "My Place" to be a rescue for all those animals and more.

Hey one can dream. right, lol
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