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Talking Guess I gotta start Spamming the forums

[color=#00ffda][/An experiment as to whether unsolicited junk mail is an appropriate food source for Pogona Vitticeps color]

Subject is presented with Spam:

<img src=" d=163&courtesy=1">

Pull tab is not effectively designed for a bearded dragon's claws:

<img src=" d=168&courtesy=1">

Subject asks for help extracting Spam from its tough exoskeleton:

<img src=" d=167&courtesy=1">

Even resident cat burglar finds the exoskeleton too challenging:

<img src=" d=164&courtesy=1">

A hungry test subject explodes in frustration:

<img src=" d=165&courtesy=1">

Study conclusion: Spam is not an appropriate food source for Pogona Vitticeps and may indeed be a health hazard.
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