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I knew when I made my statements that they would not be a particularly popular view and that many would likely disagree... I'm okay with it of you are and in reading my initial post I do come off fairly harshly.

As several others have since confirmed, domestic cats are one of the most dangerous predatory species which has ever been introduced as an invasive species. Anywhere there is a feral cat population, there are massive losses in population numbers for native species. They kill and eat EVERYTHING smaller than themselves and larger than beetles/moths, have a very quick reproductive rate and are large enough not to have too many species view them as a potential meal. Put simply, they're a danger. A menace to populations of native fauna with everything that entails and all the associated environmental impacts. They do not belong outside uncontrolled.

I'm an animal lover... no question and you won't find one more passionate but I am NOT an anthropomorphizing wuvy duvy wishy washy bambi-fying one. I eat meat, wear leather and have no moral qualms whatsoever about destroying individual representatives of an invasive species. Man introduced them, man can fix it in whatever small capacity any individual is able. This does not mean I condone poisoning them... simply because I do not feel they should be living loose and see euthanization as a reasonable solution does not mean that needless cruelty is warranted, nor is the method safe or appropriate for the native species which destroying loose cats would protect. However since the likelyhood of any individual loose cat being placed is low, I do support euthanization. It's a logical solution to an unfortunate problem.

And... I really can't say I have much compassion for the owners of any cats lost or injured when they're free roaming. In this instance, sure it was an accident and mistakes will happen but the responsibility for keeping the animal under control goes to it's owner and the responsibility for accepting the consequences of a temporary lapse of containment goes in the exact same direction.
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