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I thank you all for your good wishes he must have heard because he's coming home tomorrow. Spook has recovered and the vets office is calling him a miracle cat. They don't know how he survied. Anyway in response to some post here . . . There have been TONS of cats killed/lost/poisioned and worse in her area, I mean at least 10 that my sister knows of and she does not know everyone in the area. Almost every house has/had at least 2 cats. Most were indoor cats. My sister has never had anyone coplain about spook when he has gotten out before. They all know eachothers cats (most of them at least) so if there was a problem they could go to the owner. There is only one house there that HATES animals mainly cats. So you do the math. The problem is no one can prove a thing. The really sad part is lots of people have had these cats for years and have children (Ever tried to explain to a 5 year old that their cats is gone??).
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