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I'll bite....these are in order of preference:

1. Tarantulas (I'm obsessed, currently have 73. They take up very little space, little effort, and little money.)

2. Snakes (No walking, housebreaking, interesting animals)

3. Horses (Up until 3 years ago, my family bred and showed Arabian horses. At one point we had around 24. Grace and beauty.)

4. Dogs (Man's best friend, right? Unconditional love. I prefer English mastiffs.).

5. Cats (Curiosity, grace, and just a touch of aloofness. Except mine, who follows me from room to room).

6. Ferrets (Who can resist an animal with as much playfulness as a ferret? These guys are awesome!)

7. Cockatoo (These guys are almost like people in a feathered costume. So outgoing and beautiful, yet with a touch of wildness about them.)

8. Monitor lizard (Prefer Argus and Peach throats. I find them fascinating, just don't have the space for one at the moment).

9. Skunk (Yes, I said skunk! From what I hear, skunks make great pets. They're similar to cats, but a little more troublesome. They like to climb on everything. Plus they come in so many colors!)

10. Fish (I've had fish before, but have never been very good with them. I'd like to have an Oscar some day though).

Jungle carpet, Coastal carpet, a cat, 2 frogs, 7 scorpions, and 98 tarantulas.
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