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Ok, I haven't read everyone's posts (sorry), but my question this: Why is keeping reptiles considered a hobby anyways?

Breeding or not, they are first and foremost my pets, my companions, and not a 'hobby'. A dog or cat owner who owns multiple animals because their animals have produced litters, typically aren't called hobbiests, they're called pet owners. They enjoy the companionship of those animals
Great point Samba!!

But even before I started breeding the reptiles I have, I still never considered them as pets. Pets, to ME, are usually mammals that you INTERACT with. Dogs, cats, etc etc. I equate reptiles with fish. Like collecting and building salt-water aquariums. That's a hobby. Setting up tropical terrariums to watch and view herps. That's a hobby. I don't think that they are pets. MANY people want them to be. They want their pet corn to love them and remember them and do laps in their swimming pool and think fondly of them, but they never will. They are interesting creatures to watch, observe, and take photos of. Like bird watching in the wild. THAT is a hobby. Pets are dogs and cats and pot belly pigs! LOL!
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