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I don't like to define what I AM by a dictionary. No.

"Just because the word Hobby doesn't apply, doesn't mean to imply any judgement one way or the other on what someone does. It's just that it doesn't fit the definition"

That's what you said. And what I said was, WHO CARES ABOUT THE DICTIONARY! In this time in the reptile community many people are many things that do not fit into the dictionary.

No one said a tree is a furry animal. You are going way overboard to prove your point that the dictionary is used to define words. We all know this. But thanks for the refresher.

I like your paragraph about your education but you missed my point. You said maybe we need to think up a new word for people who love their jobs. I said why? There is no point in that unless you cannot fathom someone being something that is not clearly definied in the dictionary. THAT was my point. I worded it wrong obviously as it caused you to explain your own personal education and work position. lol.

My whole point is that labelling people is stupid. Some people make an income from reptiles that's enough to sustain themselves, while also having a SECOND income from a day job. So TWO full incomes. Does that automatically mean the reptiles aren't a hobby? I guess if you are obsessed with labelling from the dictionary. But many people wouldn't like to be labelled that way as they have a day job as well.

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