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Ok... Marisa...

You ARE a hobbyist by any dictionary definition, as you are not making your living by selling herps, just occasionally selling them. Did you not READ what I SAID?

Also, education does not have anything to do with loving your work. Duh! I have a university degree, a college diploma, and have done the professional studying to attain my insurance licenses. That doesn't necessarily mean that I love what I do! (Although I have to say, I do like it well enough.) But BELIEVE YOU ME! Insurance is NOT anyone's hobby! LOL!!! And as for the other schooling I did... (a degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in English Lit, and a Computer Sciences diploma). Ya, I can say I'm a hobbyist when it comes to art, writing, and computers, as they not my main profession. And reptiles are another hobby. Even when some of my babies grow up to be bred, it'll still be a hobby, unless I quit my day job and did nothing else but breed reptiles to make my money, then I'd no longer be a hobbyist.

So, unless you mean that your two corn clutches provided your whole career so far, you ARE a hobbyist!

And if you don't want to define words by what they really MEAN, then what's the point of speaking the same language as everyone else? If you mean something different when you say one word than I mean when I say it, how do we communicate? If I say 'tree' and you imagine a small furry bunny, I'm sorry but you are wrong. Websters, Oxford, or any other dictionary, as well as most 5 year olds will tell you a tree is not a small furry animal.
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