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"You just can't argue that, it's how the word is defined."

HAHA Is the Websters dictionary the end all be all now? I frankly prefer not to describe myself accourding to a book other people wrote, thanks. But hey, its a GREAT tool for Scrabble.

"Maybe we need to find a new word for someone who's main occupation is something they love. I think it's fantastic! More power to you if you can do it!!! "

Yeah its called college graduate. Not everyone hates their jobs. My boyfriend LOVES going to work, but is it a hobby? No. Does it need a new word? LOL no. It's a job. I love my snakes, but I also sell some once in awhile. Is it a job? No. It's a hobby. Even people who don't make money off their hobby eventually do. If a person gets out of the hobby, they sell their stuff. Money.

"by the definition of the word, you are not longer a hobbyist, but a professional."

Again, if you keep your life strictly to Websters guidlines, sure. If you call me a professional herp breeder because I have had two corn clutches, then thats um, well weird. It's a hobby. I am not a professional. LOL.

This is also my two cents worth. I am a hobbyist, not a breeder, by MY definition.

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