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Well, I seem to have been completely misunderstood!

I meant to say that by the dictionary definition, you aren't "technically" a hobbyist anymore if you make your main income from your 'hobby'. Not to say that even if you do make your income from it, you no longer enjoy what has been your hobby, but the precise word to name what you're doing is no long 'hobby'. You just can't argue that, it's how the word is defined. A pencil is always a writing implement with a solid center that makes the marks. And a pen always has a liquid substance to make the marks. A pen is not a pencil. But both can be used to do the same thing.

Just because the word Hobby doesn't apply, doesn't mean to imply any judgement one way or the other on what someone does. It's just that it doesn't fit the definition. That's what language is. Maybe we need to find a new word for someone who's main occupation is something they love. I think it's fantastic! More power to you if you can do it!!!

Also, I never said all breeders are not hobbyists! I said, if you make your main income from breeding, by the definition of the word, you are not longer a hobbyist, but a professional.

I have an easy word to use to describe me! NO, not THAT word!!! LOL! Precise.

Sorry if I seemed to upset anyone. Just putting my two cents worth in, on a question that I saw come up in Jeff's thread.

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