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First sorry to hear about your cat. I'll state my basic rule as already stated by someone "Controlled & Contained". Also I have to state that not all Cats that are poisoned are done so intentionally. As mentioned in someones post ANTIFREEZE is a major killer. The stuff can be found in streets & parking lots quite often & for some reason Cats seem to love it & lap it up willing. Something to think about folks. I have had friends in the past who had "lost" their cats as a result of them helping themselves to a bucket of it in the garage. The cats weren't meant to be in the garage, but Cats end up lots of places they aren't supposed to be, thus the orgin of this thread apparrently. Again sorry to hear about the cat, but controlled & contained would have prevented this mishap. Its sad that your cat was an indoor cat as they all should be unless you have "mousers" in buildings on farms etc. Sorry for my lack of sympathy but I just finished chasing the neighbours Cat off my deck (daily thing). It likes to kill the birds & squirrrels I feed, wreck my window screens, spray my doors & windows, dig up & crap in my raspberries, rip open & scatter my garbage etc etc. Despite this I would never do anything to hurt it. Heck if I wanted to I could have "nailed" it twice today already with my "big stick". For a Cat its not too swift LOL Anyhow these issues should be brought up with the owners not the animals as they are just being themselves. Its the owners that are at fault. Next time you are upset enough to consider harming something, leave the animal alone, grab your "big stick" & look for the owner. My 2 cents Mark
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