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Originally posted by M_surinamensis

So with regards to your snake remaining inside or exiting it's hide when you enter the enclosure my stance is that the animal is simply reacting to subtly different stimulus, which prompt the changes in behavior. "Want" as a desire of something not immediate and concrete doesn't happen. This doesn't mean that your observations are without value, or even that I think they're entirely wrong... just that mine are slightly different and right. I'm not sure entirely how to word that in order to express the idea that my thoughts on the matter differ from yours and that I don't entirely agree with you but I'm not certain enough to start calling you incorrect.

Ok, I'm definately finding it hard to put the right words in. This is indeed a complex, fascinating you've said, one that I doubt people on either side will agree upon.

Perhaps in my example, want as a desire, would not be an accurate. ( as in I want a brand new ford explorer.....that is a desire ) But more of a want ummm, just because? I guess that would make it a reaction, possibly instinct as the snake knows I am not the enemy, and "chooses" to let me handle her voluntarily, or show me she's not interested. Does that make sense as an explanation of my thoughts? ( not as a do you agree with it ).

I definately understand your view. Not nessecarily agree or disagree, because I have not in fact explored this topic until now, and cannot in all fairness make an educated view to agree/disagree. I am definately "hooked" on exploring this until I can base my own view on facts. Not just what I think.

Plus, look at it this way... You do know your animal. You know how it responds to assorted common stimulus and that makes you an excellent keeper because you can identify and analyze behavioral deviations very quickly and easily. In this respect putting our animals into human terms has an upshoot- just don't take it too far or you end up being one of those lunatics who starts rambling about how your snake only eats mice if you name the mice roger before feeding them off and enjoys those walks you take with her wrapped around your neck at the local mall because they "Love the attention"
LMAO. My rats are named "Food" "Food" and more food.
aye, I do understand what you are saying. In past conversations at the local store, I know of a customer with a snake who will only eat gerbils. I can't help but think that if that snake was hungry enough, instinct would tell it to eat whatever or die. Am I wrong in that thought? ( aside from possible illness or whatever, which can't be the case as this snake is fine, other than only eating gerbils ).

Personally, I let my snakes decide when enough is enough as far as handling goes. I know them well enough to know when they are tired of the contact and wanting it to stop. Ok, there it is again. I believe they can "want" something......I don't know that I'd go as far as saying they want to be handled....but, I can tell when my snake "wants" to not be handled, or is tired of it.

hmmmmmm. definate brain food ( for me )
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